the Black Sheep Band "Volume 1" LP

the Black Sheep Band "Volume 1" LP


color vinyl LP


the Black Sheep Band on this recording is:
Jake Burns
Mike Byrne
Scott Haynes
Gina Knapik
Dan Knapik
Peter Mittler
Herb Rosen
Dan Schafer
Eric Spicer
James Toland
(these musicians are known for their bands (past and present): Stiff Little Fingers, the Methadones, Dan Vapid and the Cheats, Scotia Widows, Venom Lords, Textbook, Not Rebecca, the Neutron Bombs, Rights of the Accused, the Beer Nuts, Screeching Weasel, the Mopes, the Riverdales, Sludgeworth and Naked Raygun.
Proceeds from the sale of this record go to Children's Memorial Hospital.
Track Listing:
1. I Could Be Into You (If You Were Into Me)
Written and sung by Dan "Vapid"Schafer.
2.Black Sheep
Written by Eric Spicer, sung by Jake Burns.
3.Tell Me I'm the One
Written by Dan and Gina Knapik, sung by Gina Knapik.
4. Love Song
Written by Rat Scabies, originally performed by the Damned, sung by James Toland.
**please note this record comes with a digital download card and all copies are colored vinyl**

"To coincide with The Black Sheep’s opening, Toland decided to put together a band and release a record. He formed The Black Sheep Band, which is an all-star group of sorts, featuring members of Screeching Weasel, Stiff Little Fingers and more. The resulting four-song LP is currently available on colored vinyl via Underground Communiqué Records and was engineered by Jeff Dean at Million Yen Studios. “The Black Sheep Band is a supergroup of Chicago underground rockers. You’ve got Eric Spicer, Dan Schafer, Jake Burns, Gina and Dan Knapik, Herb Rosen, Mike Byrne and Pete Mittler. It was punk rock fantasy camp for a lot of us, not just me,” Toland said. “It all started with me calling Eric, who’s a good buddy, and asking him to do this for charity. I wanted to have a record in conjunction with the opening of this restaurant. He was already working on the HVAC and we had spent a lot of time cracking beers around the dusty work space, so we thought up this idea. The reason it benefits the Children’s Memorial Hospital is because that’s where my daughter went after she was in a really bad car accident 14 years ago and they saved her life. I wanted to give back to that hospital. We got the core of the band together and we rehearsed for about five weeks at Cobra Lounge. It was just so much fun for all of us. Everybody wrote some songs and we’re all really happy with the way it turned out. Dan gave us a great song, Gina and Dan gave us a great song, Eric and I wrote a pretty darn good song and then to have Jake Burns sing it was just unbelievable.” When asked about the possibility of doing more records in the future Toland said, “Yeah, that’s volume one. Volume two is in the works. There are a lot of people who are interested. We’ll see once I get my head out of the clouds from opening this restaurant. Eric will be back for it, Jeff Pezzati wants to do a song and we’re talking to a couple other big names”."
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